We can’t speak for every Buy Here Pay Here dealership, but at Auto Masters we have our customers’ best interests at heart. Our mission is to provide a trustworthy, reliable experience for each and every person who purchases a car from us. That’s why we’ve listed some of the biggest benefits to choosing Auto Masters for your car-buying needs.

1. Your credit score does not matter.

At Auto Masters, your credit score does not matter to us. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to drive the car of their dreams, even if their credit is less than stellar for the time being. If you have bad or no credit, we will find a solution that works for your budget and your lifestyle. Since we report to the credit agencies, making on-time payments through Auto Masters can even improve your credit score!

2. Gain access to a free Vehicle History Report.

A big advantage of choosing a Buy Here Pay Here dealership like Auto Masters, is the fact that you will receive access to free history reports on all our vehicles.

3. Improve Your Credit with each payment.

Since Auto Masters reports to the credit bureau, you can improve your credit score with each on-time payment. That way, the next time you’re ready to make a big purchase, your credit will be ready too!

4. Trade-in your current vehicle to lower your monthly payments.

If you’re ready to ditch your old vehicle, consider using it as a part of your down payment for your new-to-you Auto Masters vehicle. We are always looking to expand our inventory!

5. Each vehicle gets a full inspection and includes an outstanding warranties.

All Auto Masters vehicles always come with an incredible warranty which often includes roadside assistance. Our customers can tell how much we value their business because at Auto Masters we offer an unbeatable 18 month/25,000 mile warranty.